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Commitment Ceremony Ketubah Text

For those states that have not yet legalized same-sex marriages, many couples choose to have a formal Commitment Ceremony. This text can be used as is, or it can be tweaked or used as a foundation for writing your own.

Commitment Ceremony Text:
On the _____ day of the week, the _____day of the month of _________ in the year five thousand seven hundred sixty-________ since the creation of the world, corresponding to the ______ day of the month of ____________ in the year two thousand ______, here in _____________________________, the beloveds, ________________________________ and ____________________________________, entered into this mutual covenant as equal partners, loving and supportive companions in life.

These rings symbolize our commitment to each other as beloveds and friends before God and these witnesses. We shall treasure and respect each other with honor and integrity as we create a loving future together. May our love provide us with the determination to be ourselves and the courage to pursue our chosen path. With this ceremony we affirm our intention to provide for each other the protections and privileges of all loving couples. May our lives be intertwined forever and be as one in tenderness and devotion.

As we share life’s everyday experiences, we promise to strive for an intimacy that will enable us to express our innermost thoughts and feelings, to be sensitive at all times to each other’s needs; to share life’s joys and to comfort each other through life’s sorrows; to challenge each other to achieve intellectual and physical fulfillment as well as spiritual and emotional tranquility.

We also promise to establish a home amidst the community of Israel, committed to the creation of an all-inclusive society; a loving environment dedicated to peace, hope, and respect for all people; a family filled with love and learning, goodness and generosity, compassion and integrity. We joyfully enter into this covenant and solemnly accept its obligations.

It is all valid and blnding.

Bride___________________________ Groom___________________________

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