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Elaine Adler :
Client Comments

Every time I receive comments from clients that convey their understanding and appreciation of my work and my approach to it, it gives me strength to continue. I have been blessed to work with very special people, embued with a sense of grace, beauty, uniqueness, and spirit. I never lose sight of the fact that I am privileged to become part of a simcha of happy people at a happy time in their lives. It occurred to me that it might be fun to share some of their comments, so I pulled out the folder into which I stuff the notes I've received over the years. Read all at once, they humble me. I have entered them here in no special order—rather as I randomly opened them. Hopefully, they will give you a sense of the spirit of my work.

My in-laws loved, LOVED! the family tree. They were so touched, and couldn't stop talking about how beautiful and special it is. It was a pleasure working with you, and I'm hoping I can think of another reason to contact you for something again! Loren

It’s been almost 3 years since we spoke with you to do our ketubah; and I look at it everyday in our kitchen when we eat, and still am impressed by it, as are our friends—one of whom is getting married in October and just asked for your website. Greg

Where do we begin to find the words to sufficiently thank you for the meaningful role you've played in celebrating the birth of our daughter. Your beautiful and spiritual artistry brought our visions to life and we will treasure your artwork for a lifetime.

We are so happy with these gorgeous invitations! They set exactly the right tone for Max's bar mitzvah -- elegant yet playful, personal, warm, celebratory, evoking the Thanksgiving season. You really understood the values I was trying to express, and the text and design beautifully reflect our family and what we hope this event will convey to our guests. The copper ink on that yummy thick ecru paper is fantastic, and all of the design elements work together so well. I can't thank you enough! PS- When Max saw the shimmering copper disco ball, he said, "She was right!" Peggy

Note from invited guest to mother of the bride: Just a note to say this is the most awesome invitation I have ever seen!! See you in October!! Love, Linda and Dick

I stuffed envelopes last nite with a dear friend who simply flipped over the invitation. I've been sharing it at work too and everyone is enchanted with it. Judy

Thank you, thank you so much for creating such a fantastic ketubah for us. We love it! Our families love it! Our friends love it! Best, Jen and Mike

You cannot imagine how many compliments I've had on these gorgeous invitations. Thank you so much. Judy

The wedding was a memory of a lifetime, enhanced by your support and remembered through the invitations and wedding programs you created for us. Jen framed the invitations, amd many guests signed it at the wedding. Elaine

Thank you so much for the beautiful artwork you created for Aaron. We love it, and we're sure that as Aaron grows up, he will appreciate it, too. It was a real pleasure working with and talking to you. Hopefully, we'll have occasions to do something again in the future for other simchas! Jackie

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Thank you for the wonderful invitations. We are already getting responses with lovely notes. Many people have commented on the beautiful invitations. Marissa and Joe

Just wanted to let you know we had our ketuba framed and have hung it on our wall and it looks AMAZING!! We can not stop looking at it! Katie and John

Things are off to a beautiful start, thanks to you. Best, Susan

Thank you so much for your beautiful work on the invitations. It was a pleasure working with you. Devorah

Thank you for making us such a beautiful and meaningful ketubah. It is truly a work of art as well as a reminder of the promises we have made to each other. We will remember our meetings with you as one of the fun and meaningful aspects of preparing for our wedding. We wish you the best. Love, Hillary and Steve

Our invitations went out last week, and we are thrilled with them! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort to help us with the design and creation. As you know, we really poured our hearts into the project, and in the end, the invitations have truly lived up to our dreams. Amy

Thank you so very much for your beautiful artwork on Joshua's invitation. You are truly a very special person with a wonderful talent, and you have imbued the invitation with the love, warmth and joy that we feel as we anticipate Joshua becoming a Bar Mitzvah and to celebrate the miracle that he is! It's hard to believe that I could enjoy numbering, stuffing, folding and licking 160 envelopes and invitations this much! Thanks again, Sharon and Gary

In the process of creating our amazing ketuba, you have become a very important part of our wedding preparation. Thank you. Melissa and David

Thank you for bringing your wonderfully creative work to our recent Expression conference. Your workshop received rave reviews, and it was exciting to see people emerge from your class with such beautiful sh'vitim in their hands. As you intended, their very personal creations should continue to resonate with people for quite some time. Using the concept of sacred space as our guide, we hoped that Expression would bring a renewed sense of spirituality to women's lives. Thanks to your fine work, we were able to move closer to that place. B'shalom, Lauren

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How can we thank you for giving expression to our love for Dahlia? the elation we felt when we first saw the birth announcement has been matched only by the response of those who have received it. We feel truly blessed to have worked with someone with your artistry and intuitive sense. We hope you enjoy the enclosed picture of our beloved Dahlia. We know that she, too, will one day be grateful for the caring you lavished on the announcement of her arrival. With sincerest thanks and admiration, Laura and Steve

Thank you so much for the beautiful artwork for the cover of Suzanna's Bat Mitzvah booklet. I just love it, and Suzanna was thrilled. Barbara

Thanks again for all your time, energy, and interest. The ketubah you created with us and for us is wonderful. To see ourselves, as a couple and as individuals, reflected in a piece of art is an amazing experience. Dana and Aaron

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jennifer loves the artwork of her Torah portion, and we proudly displayed it all day for all to see. Many thanks, David

I really loved the beautiful Havdallah program you designed for my Bar Mitzvah celebration. I'd also like to thank you for the gorgeous artwork with the passage about Daniel. Dan

Just as it began, so it draws to a close—with our thanking you. We didn't record all of the "oohs" and "ahs" in response to our classic, beautiful invitation, but there were certainly many of them. We're even getting compliments on these thank you notes. Our wedding was wonderful. Thanks for getting us off to such a lovely start. Marjorie and Michael

Thank you for creating another beautiful birth announcement for us, for little Benji. They truly reflect the joy and celebration we feel in our hearts! Thank you for all your work, time, patience, phone calls, and listening. Fondly, Julie

Thank you for your patience and wonderful work! We will treasure our ketuba! Warmest regards, Jim ad Leslye

The ketubah is absolutely stunning! We are both thrilled with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sharon and Rick

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What can I say? Once again, you have enabled me to give an incredible gift to a cherished couple from a remarkable family. I can't thank you enough for your artistry and the beauty it unfolds. David

Thank you so much for designing and crafting such a beautiful ketuba. Everytime we look at it, we both smile and remark about how perfect it is. While on display at the wedding, it was fun to watch our closest friends and family admire the ketuba—and even more fun to explain to them all of the little symbols and the process we went through to reach the final design. I'm looking forward to having it framed, carrying it on my lap during our long car ride to California, and hanging it in our new apartment. You can be assured that it will be the first item hung and that it will be in every other home we make together. Thanks again! Alissa and Jon

Thank you so much for your creativity, energy and inspiration. We love the ketubah, as did all of our wedding guests. People raved non-stop about your calligraphy! The ketubah certainly is smashing, and we look forward to hanging it in our bedroom Ryan

Thank you for your most important role in the simcha of Tamar and Richard's wedding. Working with you is such a mechiah! May you go from strength to strength. Warmest regards, Phyllis

Amy and I left your house after our ketuba design session smiling and shaking our heads because we had found another soulmate. We told all our friends about you—interests, talents, kindness, and inner peace. If you reach out to everyone like you did to us, you are doing far more than your share in Tikkun and in healing. Our ketuba is truly beautiful and inspiring. How can we ever thank you? Randy and Amy

Thank you for everything. If the final version is anything like the sketch, we're going to be thrilled! We have really enjoyed working with you ... you made a potentially complicated process easy and fun. I know my parents will be as pleased as we are. Thanks again, Elisa

A breathtaking addition to a breathtaking affair. We are so pleased and happy with the ketuba. I just wish you could have been at the wedding to see and experience each and every facet of this most wonderful event. Sheilah

Thank you so much for the beautiful invitation. I can still remember how panicked I was, and I can't thank you enough for your moral support as well as your artistry! Judy

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Oh, how wonderful the ketuba is! Everyone who was with us during the wedding weekend oohed and ahed over it. Thank you for your "artful" hand and beautiful work. Ronnie and Issie

thank you so much for your beautiful rendering of Judy and Sheldon's wedding invitation. We are delighted with the elegance of the design and the unifying "vine theme." When I showed the invitation to my mother, she started to cry—just tears of pleasure and happiness. Roberta

The ketubah is exquisite. The wedding was positively magical. And I am thrilled that you were such an important part of our children's lives. Your artistic talent, creativity, energy and thoughtfulness will always be with them. Many thanks, Mimi and Nelson

Mark and I were delighted with the way our ketubah turned out. It is everything we imagined it would be—and more! Marni and Mark.

We received the birth announcements. They are gorgeous! Thank you for all your time and patience. We are blessed to be able to work with you. Warmly, Julie and Ron

Thanks so much. We love the birth announcements. It was a pleasure working with you. Deb and Rob

Thank you very much for a beautiful job! Your good wishes and assistance in the process were very much appreciated. Cindy

Thank you so much for your gifts of calling us forth to create our vows and vision for our ketubah. You captured our essence so beautifully, and beyond anything I even could have imagined. You are gifted artistically and spiritually to let it flow through you. Thank you for your brightness. Sasha

Once again you have honored us with the work of your hands and your heart. The ketubot that you created for Steph and Dan, and for Ruth and Nick, are unique and beautiful. We are so glad to have them in our family, and proud that they will always grace their homes. Ruth and Nick's ketubah was on display throughout the wedding reception, and we loved explaining it and "showing it off." Many thanks for creating for us the gifts that expressed to the kids our joy in the unions that they chose together. Fondly, Shirley

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