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Custom Ketuba Gallery by Elaine Adler
The ketubot shown represent the tip of the iceberg.
Let's talk about a design that reflects your own personal style and taste.
Original ketuba ©2006 Elaine Adler • 22" x 22"
This ketuba was created for spiritual partners whose experience with shamanic journeys, drumming, power animals, and a belief that one represents fire and the other water provided inspiration for visual imagery. A lion slinks around tall grasses, a lynx suns on a rock, a badger drinks at the stream, a bear postures in the bushes, and an eagle flies near the sun. Their instruments await: a drum on a tree stump and a hammer dulcimer leaning against a rock. The waterway at the bottom has a fire-orange goldfish leaping out of it. A fire-orange Hebrew passage ("Many waters cannot quench love, nor floods drown it") burns against "the great water in the sky," a Kabbalistic concept. The outlines creating areas for different colors in the water/heavens, represent the puzzle and mystery of Kabbalistic interpretations. The great fire shines above all. The grape and pomegranate trees separating the heavens from the earth represent symbolic Biblical fruits of nourishment, Kiddush, and life. A scene of Jerusalem grows out of the hills below the pomegranate tree at the right, while desert hills appear behind the lion at the left. The beautiful self-written text is written with paragraphs flowing, creating a path that meanders through it, representing their journey. Needless to say, I had great fun creating this ketuba.
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