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Custom Jewish Wedding Invitations
by Elaine Adler

These examples represent a small sampling of design possibilities.
Let's brainstorm about the invitation design that would reflect who you are and help set the tone for your special day.

cover --scroll down to see inside pages

Original Wedding Invitation ©2004 Elaine Adler
Vines of flowers and pomegranates wind up the legs of the huppah on the cover of this invitation. The Hebrew words intertwined at the top are individual words, all of which express the concept of joy and gladness. The couple's Hebrew initials are embedded in the central floral circle. On the inside of the invitation, the Hebrew and English of the passage, I have found the one in whom my soul delights, form an arch above the panels of text. Elements from the vine were used on the response card, thank you note, place cards, and envelope addresses to carry out the theme. I also used the huppah design and their names to design a bencher cover.

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