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Custom Wedding & Anniversary Gifts
for Bridal Couples, Parents, Friends
by Elaine Adler

Each work of art begins with a blank page. Together we can brainstorm about a meaningful passage and design for the recipients — a gift you will be proud to present to your parents, family member, or friend.

Original Anniversary Gift, 22" x 19" — ©2007 Elaine Adler
This ketubah was created for a 60th anniversary, presented by children to their parents.  The mother loves the color blue and abstract art.  She also loves to receive unique gifts.  When it occurred to her son that his parents didn't have a ketubah, he was delighted to find a gift that would be totally unexpected, while also being meaningful.  The short text includes the first paragraph of a traditional ketubah, including their wedding date, location, and names of the bride and groom.  The second paragraph is taken from the Anniversary Ketubah text, which you will find under "Ketubah Texts" on this web site.

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