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Contacting Elaine
about Commissioning a Ketuba
or Other Calligraphic Artwork

If you have a project in mind, it is best to begin with a person-to-person conversation that allows us to dialog about your vision and needs, to see if there is a mutual personal connection, and to determine if you are ready to commission a work of art.

The few images displayed in this site represent only a small sampling of the hundreds of designs I have created over the years. Hopefully, they convey the spirit and quality of my work. Together, we will use the ideas they spark for you to create a design that reflects your own style and taste.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss possibilities whether you are considering commissioning:

• a ketuba for your wedding or anniversary
• a Bar or Bat Mitzvah portion to give as a gift
• a family tree for your parents
• a baby naming certificate
• symbolic artwork honoring a member of an organization
• a wedding invitation or Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation
• a birth announcement
• English and/or Hebrew Calligraphy for quotations and passages

Should we decide to embark on a project together, technology provides us with many avenues for sharing information effectively. As a former speech/language pathologist, I have learned to listen well. Of course, if you are in the Boston area, meeting in person is a special bonus. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

You can reach me at
(Boston area)
click here to send email

(The dancing women on this page were drawn using Adobe Illustrator on my computer. They appear on the cover and blurb of the CD, Indwelling Presence, which I designed for the musicians. As with all other art depicted in this web site, please do not copy, print, or reproduce them in any form.) C

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