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Baby Naming Certificates
by Elaine Adler

Creating baby naming artwork is joyful work ...
each new life is a blessing


• unique and personalized • reflect your taste and values

• designed to be appreciated from childhood through adulthood

• photo of certificate can be used as email attachment
in lieu of printed birth announcement

• possible options for artwork or passages:
your child's Hebrew name
Judaica symbols
images reflecting a nearby holiday
a meaningful passage
a passage from the Torah or Haftarah portion of the week
names of family members after whom the baby is named
a family tree

Many families today develop a meaningful baby naming ceremony for their newborn, whether a Bris for a boy or a Simchat Bat for a girl. Rather than use a generic, preprinted birth certificate provided by a mohel or rabbi, you can commission a work of art that is personalized and reflects information and images important to your family and your baby's place within its circle.
The result is a work of art that, when framed and hanging on the wall, becomes a focal point for telling stories about the baby's birth, why particular names were chosen, tidbits about family members after whom the child is named, and other meaningful family legends that add to the child's sense of roots and connection. The constant presence of the artwork triggers questions and stories that can be repeated and embellished as the child grows older and more curious.

CALLIGRAPHY AND DESIGN: The artwork begins with a blank page, and all calligraphy and artwork are written, drawn and painted at my drawing board. My preference is to create a design that will be appreciated throughout a person's lifetime. Those who trust my ability to take a passage and turn it into something special, telling me to go forth and have fun with it, keep my creative juices flowing as pens and brushes play on the paper.

I use high quality materials in the creation of the artwork: gouache (opaque watercolor paint) on Arches watercolor paper. Because the look of framing and matting are so personal, I leave that to you, delivering the artwork unframed.

PRICING REALITIES: Pricing is determined by an hourly rate, and is affected by the amount of information and complexity of design. Reality is that the cost of original artwork is a little more dear than what many hope to spend on a gift. Most of the commissions for baby naming artwork come from parents, grandparents, a very special friend, or a group of friends who pool their resources. I ask clients to share their budget with me, and then create a design that falls within their range, usually from about $300-600, though sometimes more for more detailed and complex designs.

For more ideas, you can view other artwork I've created under birth announcements, and other sections you will find on this web site.

If you are looking for a beautiful poem appropriate for an adopted baby, consider Legacy of an Adopted Child.

Click on thumbnails at left to see a few of my baby naming certificates.
View some of my birth announcements.

Designing personalized baby naming artwork
requires that we have a brainstorming dialogue
to get to know one another and spontaneously share ideas.
This is best done in personal conversation over the phone.

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